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Welcome To Fly365

FLY365 on Portugal's Algarve is the complete One Stop Shop for learning to Fly! We operate from Aeródromo de Lagos in Portugal. We offer flights training in Flex Wing Microlights and Fixed Wing Microlights. Anyone can be trained to fly and microlight flying is the affordable part of Recreational General Aviation!


Learning to Fly

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For training to count towards a licence the minimum age is 14. Solo flights can be made from age 16, and the minimum age to hold a licence is 17.

In a word yes. All UK Registered Microlight aircraft have to be built to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) BCAR Section “S” and by approved companies. Only safety checked and released materials can be used in their construction.

Due to their light weight and low minimum speeds Microlight aircraft have very good forgiving characteristics.  Recent official statistics from the CAA showed that Microlight aircraft are the safest form of private aviation in the UK in terms of serious accidents divided into hours flown.

However, any aircraft is only as safe as the pilot who flies it, therefore thorough training and a high degree of common sense are both vital in the making of a safe pilot.

One of the reasons we established a base in the Algarve was to provide options for UK and Ireland based students and pilots that found the the winter weather restrictive due to less daylight hours and adverse weather.

Whilst nothing is guaranteed much of our best flying conditions are found in the Portuguese winter. We can say we have 320 flyable days per year.

Weight depends on aircraft type. Recently there has been a change in the regulations allowing the Maximum Take off Weight of a Microlight Classified Aircraft [MTOW] to be 600Kg. Which has opened a greater weight range for pilots. Although this does not automatically mean all microlights can fly at the MTOW as many have not been tested and approved to 600Kg so as a rule of thumb the general the maximum body weight is 110 Kg.

NO, there is no upper age limit.

You only need normal health and eyesight (with or without glasses). But it does take longer to acquire mechanical skills over the time it may take a youngster.


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