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Pilot Already?

Hold a pilots license?

Whether you Fly Microlights, Piper or Cessna or even big lumps of metal come and have ago !

What's Happening at LAGOS now

Current Weather

The weather report is taken from the weather station at Faro airport, so only gives a general indication of the weather at Lagos.

To see the conditions live click the webcam button below:

What's Needed to Check-in

License holders wanting to fly

Absolutely no problem, you have to have an hours check out, but if we happy you'll you after the aircraft then you can fly her solo.

*****Please NOTE***** The UK self-declaration medical certificate acceptable in UK airspace is NOT valid in Portuguese Airspace. This is due to it having no medical professional involvement and is not a medical simply a declaration.


Offer An Unforgettable Gift

Looking for an awesome gift idea? With our Flight Vouchers you can give the best gift ever, the gift of flight! Making a flight and seeing the Algarve's secrets is the perfect way to celebrate life’s most important moments! They might even get hooked !


Experienced Jumper Prices

DescriptionPrice for 1
1 Jump$27,50 each
Block of 10 jumps$26,10 each
Block of 25 jumps$25,30 each
Rig hire; incl. Packjob$16,50 each
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