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Training People to Fly Since 1999

Malcolm and his fellow instructors have been flying and involved in microlighting for a combined total of over 40 years. All of the instructors are CAA approved and have amassed thousands of flight hours, just teaching people to fly. With FLY365 Algarve, even the British winter can not interrupt your training. Whether you fancy an hour taking in the sights, getting a good start at learning to fly, completing your licence or just mixing your training with your UK school away from home; with 300 days of flyable weather in the Algarve, your dream of flying certainly can become a reality!


Best of Professionals

Malcolm Howland

Chief Instructor

Comments From
Our Clients

“I came to Fly365, because I dreamed of being a pilot, and now I am”

Chris WIlliams

Chris WIlliams


“I really enjoyed training in the UK, but weather, Covid and work were getting in the way so I decided to book a week to revitalise my training – a really good decision – January – sunny, 20 degrees and 10 hours flying in 4 days”.

Alex Porter

Alex Porter


“I have nothing to do with sport and all these extreme activities, but I wanted to understand what one feels during the flight and use this experience in my book. I am very grateful to SkyCaptain Team! These guys made my first jump as safe and amazing as possible”.

Alisa Hampton

Alisa Hampton


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